Father - Daughter Dance

By Tara Lynn

It can be a bit tricky finding the perfect song to dance to at your wedding.  One of the hardest is to pick to Father/Daughter Dance.  It is a special moment that needs just the right song to make it special.  You want to choose a song that both of you like.  You need something with lyrics that reminds you of your relationship or your childhood. 

Here is a list of songs that will work well for most father-daughter dances.  However, stay true to your heart and keep looking if you haven't found the perfect one.  

1.  Van Morrison - Brown Eyed Girl

2.  Temptations- My Girl

3.  Frank Sinatra - Over the Rainbow

4.  Louis Armstrong - What a Wonderful World

5.  Bob Carlisle - Butterfly Kisses

6.  Bob Dylan - Forever Young

7.  Paul McCartney - Blackbird

8.  Bob Marley - Three Little Birds

9.  Phil Collins- You'll be in My Heart

10.  Creed - With Arms Wide Open

11.  Bruno Mars - Just the Way You Are

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